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What is a Cougar??

The quick definition of a Cougar is
"An older woman who dates younger Men"

cougars seeking cubsCougars have always existed and have been portrayed in literature and films (The Graduate is probably the most famous) for a very long time. Since the beginning of the 21st Century they have become more visible. This higher profile has been brought about by Hollywood actresses and female TV presenters parading younger men as their dates.

cougars seeking cubsThe phenomenon has also been driven by articles in the press reporting on data that has only become visible due to the growth of internet dating. Before internet dating became mainstream, people used to meet through small ads in their local newspapers. Without analyzing every ad in every local newspaper it was not possible to spot trends. Today the webmaster of any dating site can get detailed information about the people using his site in minutes.

There are several types of Cougar, depending on what the woman is hunting for:

  • An older woman looking for younger men for a long term relationship is a "Cougar"
  • A Woman in her 20's who likes to date even younger men is known as a "Puma"
  • An older woman who is looking for young men for meals, dancing and sex is also known as a "MILF"
  • An older woman who is looking for younger men to mother is also known as a "Sugar Mummy" or "Sugar Momma"
  • An older woman who is looking for younger men to have sex with to spice up her sex life with her husband is also known as a "Hot Wife" (see Cuckold Fun)